To be considered eligible, a family's gross income may not exceed 50% of the local median family income. The local median family income for a family of four in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Statistical Area is $107,500.
Interested participants must complete an application for Housing Choice Voucher housing. Applications are only available when the voucher program Waiting list is open. To be eligible you must pass our screening criteria, which includes a criminal background check. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and fall within the income guidelines set for the program.
Please be aware that HOC is only able to assist families depending on available funding. In addition, HOC is required to distribute 75% of its vouchers to applicants who fall in the "Extremely Low Income" level.

Other Eligibility Criteria

    • All applicants must furnish the Social Security numbers for all family members age six (6) and older.

    • All adult members in the household are required to sign a release of information form, allowing HOC to conduct a criminal background investigation. If the investigation reveals a criminal charge within the past three (3) years, the Housing Choice Voucher application could be denied.

    • U.S. Citizenship or a Non-Citizen with Eligible Immigration status. To prove eligible immigration status, you must have one of the following:
  • Resident Alien Card

  • Resident Alien Receipt Card

  • Arrival/Departure Record

  • Temporary Resident Card

  • Employment Authorization Card

  • Receipt issued by USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services) for the replacement of any of these items.

Every family member who is expecting to live in the household that is receiving Housing Choice Voucher assistance must have proof of eligibility (as stated above), with the following exception:

If you are a "Mixed Family Household" then you are eligible for pro-rated (reduced) assistance. A "mixed family" is defined by HUD as "Any family whose members include those with citizenship or eligible immigration status AND those without citizenship or eligible immigration."

If your family includes both eligible and non-eligible members, then you will be considered a "mixed family".