Families participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program may call (240) 627-9400 for the following types of supportive services/referrals:


Short-Term Supportive Services

Family Counseling

Parenting Skills

Money Management


Credit Counseling


Property Maintenance

Rules & Regulations for Unit Maintenance

Community Relationships

Health & Safety Standards

Substance Abuse Issues

Information and Referrals

Health care services

Food stamps

Child Care

Services for the Physically Disabled


Money Management

Landlord/Tenant Affairs

Clothing/Furniture needs


Employment Counseling

Social Security/SSI

Youth Services

Holiday Assistance

School Supplies

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Crisis Intervention

Emergency Food Assistance

Eviction Prevention

Emergency Assistance

Utilities Disconnection Prevention



 Specialized Services

Repayment Negotiation for Damage claims

Family Reunification Program

Participant Education and Awareness Program