Remember, housing assistance is a privilege, not a right.
If you abuse this privilege, you may lose your assistance.
  • Give HOC true information about your family and your income. Cooperate during your annual reexaminations with HOC.

  • Notify HOC in writing if you or any other adult in your family has a change in income.

  • Live in the unit. You may not sublet it to someone else. You may run a legal business in the unit if the lease allows it, but you must use the unit mainly as your home.

Notify HOC in writing if:
1) you are away from home for more than a month;
2) you move out or end your lease; or
3) you get an eviction notice.

  • Let HOC inspect the unit annually, and at other times if HOC has reason to think that the unit is damaged.
  • Notify HOC in writing if: 1) any member of your family moves out; or
    2) if you add any children to your family by birth, adoption, or legal custody.

  • Ask permission in writing from the landlord and from HOC if anyone else in your family wants to move.

  • Pay your portion of the rent and your utilities.

  • Abide by your lease. You and your family MUST NOT get involved with crime, drugs, or violence.

  • Take care of the unit. Do not let anyone in your family or guests damage it.